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3 Reasons to Visit our Office In Person

Someone recently asked me what my favorite part about my job is. It took me a bit to respond-- not because I couldn't think of anything, but because I wanted to make sure that I chose my absolute favorite part. The favorite part for me is getting to create caring relationships with my clients. My dad, Chuck, once told me that when he retired, he was going to have to finally get a "job". Amanda, he said, there aren't many jobs out there where you spend 15-20 minutes doing business and the next hour just loving on people and caring about him. Boy, I didn't understand what he meant back then, but I've found over the years that he was 100% right. (And I'm sure he would love to hear me tell him that he was right!)

So from my point of view, I would LOVE to have my clients always visit our office in person. But we know everyone is busy and phone/e-mail/texting/chatting has become a necessity for us. If you find yourself with an hour to slip into our office, here are the top 3 reasons to do so:

  1. As I said above, meeting in person allows us to create a relationship. We take time to learn about you as a person which helps us better understand your insurance portfolio. Perhaps during our conversation, I discover that you are an avid sports memorabilia collector. That then allows me to ensure that if you want those items covered by insurance, I have them covered. Or maybe we discuss that your 18 year old is heading off to college and we can make sure that we discuss how he/she will have liability coverage and property coverage while they are away from home. And oh yeah, maybe we can get a discount on the auto if they aren't taking the car with them for those first two years! You get the idea...

  2. In person, we can quote changes quickly so that they can be discussed. We can also use visuals to show different coverages and how they effect your business portfolio.

  3. You get to know everyone in the office well- Let's face it... no one can be at work 24/7. You may have a claim when your agent is out of the office and one of the other agents will gladly step in to help you in that time of need. Knowing the other members of the office make those situations less awkward. No one wants to meet someone for the first time when their house is on fire.

Want to come see us? Stop in! For efficiency, appointments are nice, but you can always stop in without one.

Oh and those appointments? You can make them in person, by calling/texting the office, via email or online at We'll be happy to see you!

(We like to think that we are a pretty fun group too!) - Amanda

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