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Telemetric Programs

We’ve all been out driving lately and passed one of those drivers who just isn’t paying attention. Really, what are people doing on the roads these days?! It’s getting pretty scary out there. If you’re one of those nonattentive drivers, make a commitment to change NOW. However, on the other hand, do you consider yourself a safe and diligent driver? If so, put your theory to the test! Many of our insurers are now offering telemetrics that provide discount on auto insurance. You download an app to your phone that tracks each driver for approximately 90 days. As you drive, the helpful mobile apps monitor hard breaking, fast acceleration, nighttime driving and total miles driven and provides feedback on how to improve. These programs can save you from 0-40% based off your driving habits. (The observation period and discount percentage can vary depending on the program and company.)

Check out how Safeco approaches their tracking.

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