Our Team
Ted Romer, Partner
Phone: 419-375-5463
Texting Line: 419-362-6726

I have been in the insurance business since 1992 and primarily focus on individual life and health and Senior health care plans along with all of the property and casualty lines. I am currently the President of Fort Recovery Insurance. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your insurance policy.

Connor Rammel, Partner
Phone: 419-375-5468
Texting Line: 419-362-5473

I am a 2013 Graduate of Fort Recovery High School, and a  graduate of the University Of Northwestern Ohio where I received a degree in Business Administration. I started at Fort Recovery Insurance Agency June of 2014 assisting the agents with paperwork and rating. I received my license to sell property and casualty insurance in January of 2016 and became a co-owner in January of 2019. My wife Leah and I have a daughter Elaine that we welcomed in July of 2018. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your insurance policy or help you tailor your insurance to your needs.

Kelly Meiring-Walter, Partner
Phone: 419-375-5464
Texting Line: 419-362-5042

I am a 1999 graduate of FRHS and 2003 graduate of Capital University. My degrees are in Public Relations and Communications, and I have minors in Music and Journalism. I live in Fort Recovery with my son Leo and my long haired dachshund named Fritz. Although I am fairly new to the business, my dad Bob Meiring has been in the insurance business now for many years. I am very excited for this new endeavor and serving our clients.

Amanda Hein-Siegrist, Partner
Phone: 419-375-5467
Texting Line: 419-362-5324

  As a third generation agent, I enjoy carrying out the tradition that my father, Chuck, and grandfather, Charlie, have established over the past 60+ years. The tradition of helping others and sharing our passion for insurance drives me to help clients every day! I would love to meet you, help you and share my passion for insurance!

Renee Staugler, CSR
Phone: 419-375-5462

I joined the Fort Recovery Insurance Agency team in the fall of 2017. I am currently working toward my license to be better able to serve you. If you have any questions concerning your policy, please give me a call. I would be happy to help assist you. 

Kylie Dues, CSR
Phone: 419-375-5465

I joined the Fort Recovery Insurance team in Fall of 2020. I am currently going to school at Wright State University Lake Campus. I am majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing, and I will be graduating in Spring of 2021. I am also working towards becoming a licensed customer service representative. I look forward to serving you with any of your insurance needs! Please feel free to give me a call, I’d be happy to help!

Katie Fortkamp, CSR
Phone: 419-375-5466

I have been a licensed customer service

representative since 2012. I truly enjoy

working with our team here at Fort Recovery Insurance Agency. I look forward to meeting and working with each you. Feel free to call with any questions.

Marcia Staugler, CSR
Phone: 419-375-5466

I have been with Fort Recovery Insurance since 1986 and I truly enjoy working with our agency team.  The best part of my job is the contact with all of our insureds.  I look forward to working with each of you and hope that I can help assist you.

Deb Wellman, Admin Asst
Phone: 419-375-5461

I have been employed part-time as an administrative assistant at Fort Recovery Insurance Agency since 2012. Feel free to call me with any questions concerning your policies. Your agent or I would be happy to help.

Jamie Fortkamp, Admin Asst
Phone: 419-375-5460

I started at Fort Recovery Insurance Agency in May of 2014. I am here to help you in any way I can, whether that be answering a question you have or transferring your call to one of the agents. I am a graduate of Wright State University with a degree in Office Administration.

Insurance Industry in Fort Recovery

The Fort Recovery Insurance Agency, as it stands today, is actually a combination of 2 separate agencies with roots back to the 1940’s when Henry Rabe and Guy Chamberlain each owned and operated insurance agencies in the area. 


Henry Rabe started his insurance agency in 1945 in Macedon, Ohio where he ran a general store and insurance office.  Shortly after, Henry moved his store to Fort Recovery and dropped the general merchandise portion of the business.  By this time, Herbert Franke had joined Henry as a partner and they worked out of Rabe’s home on N. Main Street, behind our current office.


By 1959, Herb Franke had bought out Henry Rabe’s interest in the agency and partnered with the Mercer County Savings and Loan to construct a new building on N. Wayne St.  The Franke Agency occupied the south half of this building up until 2000 when it was acquired by Muhlenkamp and Associates CPA.  The Savings and Loan, which was eventually purchased by Mercer Savings Bank, still occupies the north half of this building. 


In 1969 Herb Franke’s son, Steve, joined the agency and would remain there until his retirement in 2013 after 44 years of service.  During this time, Bob Meiring joined the agency as a producer in 1976 and become a partner with Steve Franke in 1986 changing the name of the business to the Franke-Meiring Agency.  Ted Romer eventually joined them as a producer in 1992.

By 1950 Guy Chamberlain’s son, Dick, and Clark Kolp had joined his agency.  Then, in 1951 Charlie Hein and E. Ray Marsh purchased the Chamberlain-Kolp Insurance Agency and renamed it the Hein-Marsh Agency.  Mr. Marsh subsequently sold his interest in the agency to Carl Hagle and in 1960 Charlie Hein purchased Mr. Hagle's interest and the business was named Hein Insurance Agency.  John Muhlenkamp joined the agency in 1966 and Chuck Hein in 1974. The agency was eventually sold to John and Chuck in 1984 when Charlie retired.

Fort Recovery Insurance Agency then came into existence in 2000 when the Franke-Meiring Agency and Hein Agency merged and relocated to our current location in the former VonderHarr Market building. Original partners of the Fort Recovery Insurance Agency were Steve Franke, Bob Meiring, Chuck Hein, and John Muhlenkamp. Eventually Ted Romer purchased John Muhlenkamp’s interest in 2007 when he retired after 41 years.  Connor Rammel and Kelly Meiring Walter then acquired ownership interest when Bob Meiring retired at the end of 2018 after 42 years of service.  


Whether you have only recently become a valued client of our agency or have been with us for multiple generations, we appreciate your loyalty and confidence and are happy to have you share a part of our past, present and future with us.

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