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Intake of Foreign Object

Fall harvest is quickly approaching which means now is the perfect time to confirm your harvest equipment is appropriately insured. Due to the June tornado and the corn being so tall this year, there is a good chance there is still some debris laying out in the fields. Consider adding intake of foreign objects to your equipment, such as your combine or self-propelled forage harvester, to help protect yourself from unexpected expenses related to damage caused by ingesting an inorganic object. Taking in a piece of tornado debris or even a rock can cost a farmer thousands in equipment repairs (not to mention the frustration of lost harvest time). I have seen firsthand the type of damage a rock can do, not only to the header, but as well as the feeder house, cleaning shoe and so on. Be sure to discuss intake of foreign objects coverage with your agent before you start harvesting.

Wishing all our area farmers a successful (and maintenance free) fall harvest season!

Written by Sydney Alig, Agent

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