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Back to School

The start of school is just around the corner! We know it isn’t always easy sending the kids back to school. “Back to School” means new routines and new expenses. While we can’t make your 13 year old excited to go to Algebra class, going back to school can help you save money on your insurance.

Good Student Discounts

Many insurers offer a good student discount for drivers named on an insurance policy who can provide records of good grades. Generally the student needs a 3.0 GPA or above to qualify. Encourage your student to do well in school to see this discount!

If you student driver maintained good grades last year and you have not forwarded their report card or Dean’s List to us, send it to us right away!

Teacher Discounts

Some insurers provide discounts to educators. If you are involved in education, please make sure you let our office know so we can ensure the discount is being applied to your account should it be available.

Students away from home

If your child is starting college away from home and will not be taking their car, make sure you let your agent know. Some insurers allow a discounted rate for these drivers.

College Apartments

If you student will be going away from home, also be sure to check with your agent to ensure that your homeowners liability and contents coverage extends to their college dorm or apartment. This extension can normally be done at little or no cost and can help ease parents’ minds about protecting their students.

We wish all students and teachers a very productive year!

Picture by: Ashley O Photography - 2019

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