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Driving in Fog- Safe Driving Tips

No matter how careful you are, poor visibility due to fog can be dangerous! However, there are a few simple tips that can improve your safe driving in fog. Refresh your memory with this guide on how to drive safely in fog.

1. SLOW DOWN! It is better to safely arrive at your destination delayed than to have an accident along the way and arrive much later!

2. If your speed needs to be under 10 mph from the posted speed limit, turn on your emergency flashing lights.

3. Increase your distance between vehicles. Count your distance by 5 seconds instead of the normal 3 seconds behind another vehicle.

4. If the fog becomes so dense that you cannot see the road, pull off of the road into a parking lot or safe space. Avoid pulling over on the shoulder of the road as this can be hazardous. Stopped cars, even with flashers on, tend to get hit by other motorists.

5. Use your fog lights or low beams. High beam lights ar often reflected by thick fog and can reduce visibility further.

6. Turn on your windshield wipers and defrost to keep moisture off of your windshield as much as possible.

7. Use the white line on the right side of the road as your guide. This will help you avoid hitting oncoming traffic and can be particularly helpful if oncoming lights are causing further reduced visibility.

8. Ask your passengers to help keep an eye out for obstacles or safety hazards in the road.

9. Minimize distractions. No radio. No phone. No doing makeup. Just focus on driving.

As always, before you begin driving on the road, be sure to check driving conditions. If there are foggy conditions and you can avoid being on the road-- stay home! If you must drive (for work or other reasons), call your destination before you leave home and inform them that you may be late due to the fog. This will alleviate your worry of being late and allow you to focus on the road!

Drive safe! Happy Autumn!

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