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Income Protection from Avian Influenza

Our local farmers are closely tracking the 2022 Avian Bird Flu. As an agency, we have also been diligently watching and working on obtaining options for farmers to protect their income should their farms be effected by Avian Influenza. We are pleased to announce that we found an exceptional option for our farmers late last week.

Most standard farmowners insurance policies do not carry loss of income coverage for the peril of Avian Influenza (or other transmitted diseases). Our agency has gained the ability to write an additional policy for farmers who are concerned about the loss of income from Avian Influenza. Here are a few things you should know:

  1. Policies can be issued for Broilers, Pullets, Turkeys as well as Breeders and Egg Layers. However, note that the premium rates are different for each category and each state.

  2. For states where Avian Influenza has already been detected (such as Ohio and Indiana), there is a 45-day waiting period from application before the policy will take effect.

  3. Applications can be submitted in our office. They must go through underwriting before the application is accepted. This could take up to 48 hours.

  4. The loss of income policy for Avian Influenza will pay for loss of income sustained during the down time. It will not pay to replace the birds.

    1. The carrier defines the business income as; A.) Net Income (net profit or loss before income taxes) that would have been earned and incurred; and B.) Continuing normal operating expenses incurred, including payroll.

  5. Policies must be paid in full and are fully-earned. This means that if an insured cancels the policy mid-term, no premium will be refunded.

The following parameters must be met before coverage can be considered:

  1. There must be an outbreak and detection of high pathogenic avian influenza; and

  2. Where the USDA or equivalent Governmental authority impose stringent restrictions on entering or leaving premises, area, or region where highly pathogenic avian influenza exists or is suspected; and

  3. Your farm location has been ordered by the USDA or equivalent Governmental authority to destroy your flock and there must be a positive confirmed case at the insured farm location.

While we know farmers are doing everything possible to minimize the risk of infection, we appreciate being able to offer an extra piece of mind to our clients during this stressful time.

NOTE: Our agents always use caution when visiting farms to minimize the spread of diseases. We avoid going to more than one farm in a day in typical situations and are now trying to minimize our farm visits even further during this time.

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