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Personal Injury on Homeowners Policies

Social Media has brought us so many great things! With a click of a mouse, we are able to connect with distant family members, former schoolmates, colleagues in our industries, etc. Through social media, we can share our favorite restaurants or collaborate in groups of people who have similar interest to ours. Businesses have access to create conversations with customers and keep them abreast of any changes. (What business wasn't updating their social media in March 2020 about their COVID measures?)

Unfortunately, we all know that social media has brought many other unpleasant consequences as well. A consequence of social media that touches frequently with insurance is "slander" Slander is defined as "to make false and damaging statements about someone." There is a very good chance that you have seen this occur on at least one social media platform in the form or a bad review, negative comment or perhaps even cyber bullying. Some of this is intentional, but at times slander can occur in a non-intentional fashion. Especially if there are young teens in the home, there is a potential for unintentional slander as they learn what they can and cannot say on social media.

Knowing that this risk is increasingly growing, insureds should ask to have "Personal Injury" coverage on their homeowners/renters policies. Personal Injury is typically excluded on a homeowners policy and the policy can be endorsed to add this coverage back to the policy. Personal Injury provides coverage for OTHER THAN bodily injury or property damage. This may include false arrest, detention, or imprisonment; malicious prosecution; wrongful eviction; slander; libel; and invasion of privacy. This is more of a mental or psychological based claim, but can also provide coverage for loss of income.

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