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School Bus Safety

With school beginning in Jay and Randolph Counties this week, take some time to review these school bus safety tips.

  • While driving, minimize all distractions and pay attention to the roads. Traffic patterns are changing with the school buses back on the road and even students walking to school. Your “normal” drive will be switching to a new normal so pay attention to the pattern.

  • Be alert! Children can be unpredictable and they do not always recognize risk or dangerous situations

  • Give ample room around the school bus. The 10 feet around the school bus is the most dangerous for children. Provide enough room so the kids can enter and exit the bus safely and quickly.

  • Remind your students to look twice for cars before attempting to load or exit the bus—especially if they have to cross the street.

  • Explain to your students that if they leave something on the bus, never return to the bus to get it. The driver may not see them come back and they may begin moving the bus. Also, something is dropped near the bus, students should tell the bus driver before attempting to pick it up.

  • If students need to address the bus driver, remind them to wait until the bus has stopped, raise their hand and call the bus drivers name.

  • Watch for flashing lights on the bus. If you see red flashing lights, do NOT pass the bus! Be sure to review your state laws about passing a school bus on a road with four or more lanes. These are different by state.

We are wishing the local schools a very safe, fun and productive school year! To Jay and Randolph county schools who start today, have a great first day back!

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