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Side Gigs- Are you covered?

The last few years have brought back the shop local, love for the arts and small business trends and we love it! Many of our friends, neighbors and clients have started to have their own side gigs making extra money out of their homes. We love seeing these driven individuals achieve their dreams and surpass their goals month after month!

But as you continue to put your nose to the grindstone, don't forget to check that your side business is protected and that you aren't putting your assets and hard work at risk! Without the property insurance to shield you and your business, you can find yourself standing in front of a massive lawsuit without an insurance company standing by your side to defend you and your business.

As a few general rule of thumb, we may need to make some changes to your current homeowners policy or write an additional policy if you:

  1. have clients/customers frequently visiting your home or on your property.

  2. are making more than $2000 in a year of gross revenue.

  3. are storing inventory or keeping valuable products on hand.

  4. have a location away from your home where you are operating your business.

Don't let us deter you from your dreams-- we can help you protect them! Contact your agent today to discuss the best plan of action to protect you and your business!

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